Solid support is back in Christchurch

Great news – our Christchurch support office is up and running again!

Christine, our wonderful Christchurch Patient Support Coordinator, is back in her office for the first time since the February earthquake, after a few false starts, some repairs and a re-paint.

The LBF team extends our heartfelt best wishes to all Cantabrians, who have been so affected by the earthquake and ongoing aftershocks and disruptions.

Within our own community we have seen first hand the added anxiety and demands that have been placed on families during this difficult time. It is very demanding also to be relocated to Auckland and have the ongoing worries of family, friends and property back home.

We are supporting a number of patients and families who have had to relocate to Auckland for treatment. There is such increased stress for these families caused by relocating, when they are already dealing with the pressures associated with their condition and treatment. We want you to know that we are always here to help.

We so want to encourage all our patients and families who are in Christchurch to contact our Christchurch office and reconnect again with Christine; she’s looking forward to hearing from you.

We know that after the initial horror of the February earthquake that patients were keen to reconnect again and so it will be great that the premises are back functioning.

We have also extended a helping hand to our charity colleagues in Christchurch at Canteen who (for the second time) have found themselves without premises. So we are sharing premises for as long as it needs and until such time as they can find suitable offices.

The Leukaemia & Blood Foundations Christchurch office is located at: 68 Oxford Terrace.

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