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November 11, 2011

Leukaemia Awareness Week

I’ve been really thrilled with how successful Leukaemia Awareness Week (7- 13 November) has been this year.  It provides a really great way for us to let people know just how prevalent blood cancers are in this country and the impact they have on around 10,000 Kiwi families.

We’ve had such great support from the media including a fabulous piece in the New Zealand Herald, various radio interviews, and a great piece in the Sunday Star Times Don’t take miracle drug for granted, caution doctors 23.10.11 .   This is really heartening as it’s always a challenge to get media coverage around blood cancer.  There are many reasons for this including the fact ther is no prevention message we can attach to blood cancer, as we can’t screen for it as we still don’t know what causes it.

We just love that our friends at Farmers have yet again very generously helped us get the word out there and promoted Leukaemia Awareness Week in their stores across the country.

I’m also really proud of a series of films we launched this week  – Leukaemia My Story.  These feature a range of New Zealanders who have very bravely shared their experiences of being diagnosed with
leukaemia.  You can check these out on our YouTube channel